Citrix XenDesktop VDI Capacity

Testing Using Atlantis USX  

A performance test demonstrating Atlantis USX Software-Defined storage solution successfully supporting a complex Citrix XenDesktop workload.
Read this report to see how Atlantis USX software-defined storage solution sets the new price versus performance standard for the Citrix VDI Capacity Program.
Atlantis USX significantly enhances user and administrator experience of workspace environments by alleviating common challenges with storage including performance, capacity and complexity — all while significantly reducing costs. Ultimately, Atlantis USX enables a virtual desktop experience that is superior in performance and cheaper in cost than a traditional PC.
Notable test results and performance metrics include the following:
  • Boot 125 desktops per minute: Explore how 1,500 user VMs were booted simultaneously and fully registered with XenDesktop in just 12 minutes.
  • Performance Metrics for 1500 Users: A total of 1,583 sessions were successfully launched and ran without maxing out the infrastructure while achieving a very compelling Login VSI baseline performance score.
  • Nearly 1 million IOPS: Learn how Atlantis USX delivered almost 650 IOPS per desktop for 1500 Windows 8 VMs using only three SSDs.
  • Low cost, high performance storage per user: See the total cost of the storage solution that outperforms a traditional PC with this all-flash shared storage solution.
Download the report now for the full results and start saving with Atlantis USX today!

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